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Job Success Calculation NUTS!

What is going on with the Job Success number. It's moved from 95%, to 83% to 73% and now at 62%, yet ..

Cliets are leaving 5 Star ratitings,

Clients are rehiring me,

A few left no feedback, but 

They are approving my invoices without dispute.

What is happening!


It's like some gremlin is forcing my raiting lower and lower.


How is this dumb thing calculated.



A *few* clients left you 5 stars. Your score is calculated based on all your client reviews. Don't make us go to your profile to find out that you are misrepresenting how your clients have rated you. 

22 jobs,

5- 5 star reviews,

5- 4-4.8 star reviews,

1- 3 star review,

No lower than 3 star, and the only the one,

7 clients left no feedback.

3 jobs in progress.


All clients paid.


You can check my profile to see. Of the clients that left reviews, about 45% are 5 stars with another avout 45% 4 starts.


I have more than a "few" 5-star reviews. 


Hello Eric,

Here, the "Gurus" will explain you (as explained me and others) that your lowered JSS is because of the Private Feedback your clients leave about you. But...is secret!!  Don´t ask to see the private feedback to know what the client said about your work, if you want to know it to improve your performance and your JSS, and being hired by more clients... forget it!! ... The private feedback is hidden to us the freelancers.... We cant know it...but it lowers our Profile and our chances to get hired. 

Something is going bad here, we are claiming about it...but nothing changes. 



Eric, the JSS score works the same way for you as it does for everybody else.


You are welcome to learn how it works and use that knowledge, or not, as you prefer.


Everything you need to know to have a high JSS can be found in the Forum among numerous threads desktop the topic,




Try contacting some of your previous clients and kindly ask to rate the project. That will help your score.




Eric, you received 4.15 and 3.80 reviews recently. That’s probably why your JSS declined.
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Are you allowed to do that?


Hey, I'll try it.



@Eric W wrote:

Are you allowed to do that?


Hey, I'll try it.



 Chances are you had some pretty negative private feedback along with the lukewarm public feedback.


Only 6 of all your contracts ended in 5 stars, with stars being consistently knocked off for skills / quality.


Also, sometimes it is possible to read even public feedback "between the lines" - when a client writes that after internally working on what you submitted the stuff became usable, they are really saying "What this freelancer delivered was not usable..."


Furthermore contracts that started and which never led to any earnings hurt your JSS, whether open or closed. That means contracts that were fully refunded, cancelled before payment or just started and sat there without you ever earning anything from them.

Petra -


Most of what you are saying is untrue of me. However, I did not know about "private" feedback, That is new to me. Also, I had one client that wanted to end the job becuase they ran out of money for the changes they wanted.


This lead me to thiink I need to do this:


Always have a samll, non-refundable protion sp there is SOME payment, So if a clients want's to bail, I get something. I guess non-refundable is the wrong word. I should aks them to pay something. I was too nice and let a client not pay when they realized rhey could not fund the while project.


When I have a client that wants more work, make them pay me, end the contract, and start a new one. That way I can get mulriple jobs as successful, Otherwise long term clients look like one contract.


Lastly I guess I should tell clients that I really need them to post some feedback. I'd like it to be more than one star, but it seems no feedback counts as a zero.


Thanks Eric


You can have an idea about your general private feedback here: My Stats


The Clients who would recommend you metrics, which probably weights a lot in the JSS, is your private feedback put together.


It gives you a precise idea about the proportion of clients who told Upwork that they were happy with your work. If it's less than what you would like it to be, the best attitude is to stop and to think how you can get even better and what are things that you should have done differently.

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Hi Eric, 

You may refer to these help articles to know how your Job Success Score is calculated, and what affects your Job Success Score. 



~ Avery
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