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Re: Job Success Change Request

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Ian David John E Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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We all know there are many elements involved in the Job Success score calculation!
What I would like to see implemented is more visibility this could be done by showing what made our Job Success score go higher or lower at any particular time. You dont have to be that detailed just telling us whatever parameter has changed. That has affected our Job Success score.

Your Thoughts Please

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Santiago G Member Since: Mar 10, 2015
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Agreed. I too would like to see EXACLY what's making changes in my JS score and something to be able to have a chance to fix it (considering situations beyond our control). It'd be a lot more useful (IF it works) than the current guessing games which are causing so many problems and posts about it.


Clearly oDesk seems to think the JS score is a great idea, regardless of ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the posts telling them it's not working properly because it clearly doesn't take into account for everything. So whatever the crazy robot tells them MUST be true.


It's a good thing they didn't point that crazy robot at their own help desk. They'd need an entirely new help desk on a daily basis!!

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Intan Airlina F Member Since: Jan 13, 2015
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Yes! completely agree!!

while I thought the JS is a good idea, but it really is not, i've been wondering what makes it down so fast? and hard to get up. even though so many clients give me 5 star, but after 1 bad review, it surely come down so fast, especially if we dont have a chance to make a fix about it, client's feedback and recommended really not fair thing, because truly "a success and complete job" is totally different with "satisfaction rate"!


should count the job success is when you finish it, and no matter the satisfaction is, for now, it seems like we never have a job success rather than the "satisfaction" score!


another thing is, better to give more detail than only job success scroe! i am so disappointed with JS score because it just coame down and never went up! and dont know how to fix it,why dont you build a detail on it, rather than a total score, like an element of our profile?


instead of this total overall score, you can have it like this:

1. completed job : 48/48 (really finish the job! regardless any satisfaction!!! ) 55/62 

2. satisfaction rate :  ...% 

   - 5 stars : 34 / 48

   - no feedback given : 2/36 

3. Freelancer 's quality :

  ( make a 5 star here like you gave it in the end of contract ones)

  - adherence to deadlines

  - quality of woirk

  - communication

  - skill 

  - other quality  

4. total  score overall yeah you can have this as another category, but up to you, for me a detail one is enough


why dont you make something more specific like this so people know about us too, and not only like hire someone guessing too, and for us it will be easier to show to others too that we are truly what we are?


additional: you can remove the job success, please dont make the top rated based on that, instead you can have it based on:

- have job success >90%

- satisfaction rate > 4 star

- skill > 4 star

- communication > 4 star

- quality of work > 4 star

- adherence to deadlines >4 star

- payment gained > $1000


and then we can see who's who and who's not from there!

Community Guru
Khadezatul K Member Since: May 1, 2015
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Hi there,

I am relly agree with you (Intan Airlina F)