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Job Success Problems

Recently my job success came to 94% from 100% and now 83%. Reason is not Clear. But one thing is clear If your buyer wants you work for free, wants you 200% more work than he described, you have to work. Without that he will give you a very bad feedback. He does not care for bad feedback because he has money. He will get as much as freelancers as he wants but the Profile of that freelancer will permanently damaged.


And Next come the Job Success. This is more than the previous one. It will go less and less If you did not took a penny from the client worrying about the feedback score. These things making me too much frustrated as Odesk gave me Top Rated Badge, I got recommendation from our local Odesk Mobilizer:



But getting punished everyday for the mistakes that some other people did.


We all work for Odesk and Odesk always look after us but these little things are killing freelancer like us.


Yes, that's the truth. We are just a nice soft punch bag for others' mistakes. Yet, we are strong and resilient than everyone else. Private feedback is for spineless people which is being abused by many clients in the name of high standards. What do they expect from $3/hour? work of Einstein? Da Vinci? Picasa? Even though we deliver more than 100%, some clients always expect something extra, especially for free. This is where the problem arises. You can't negotiate payments with clients. You can't disagree to do free works. If you did, you would be doomed. Private feedback, remember?


oDesk can't hear or understand our frustrations. They are too busy satisfying the clients, by crushing many good freelancers in the process.