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Job Success Score Decreased when I am fully active and got 5 Star Rating with excellent feedback?

Hello Folks,


As scheduled, on 14th May, my Job Success Score has been updated and prior to that it was 100% but now it is 89% and to my dismay, I got 5 star rating and excellent feedback by previous client for outstanding job and right now working on a job, client has paid also for milestone 1 and he is very happy from my work too.


So may I request to you guys to help me understand this sudden fall if possible.


Thanks a lot,

Brajpal Shishodia

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Brajpal, 


You may to read these help articles, here, and here, to understand why your Job Success Score may have dropped a little. While you were able to complete your recent contracts successfully with 5-star ratings, some of your contracts in the past had no ratings, while others were rated somewhere between 3.90 and 4.85.


Keep in mind that your score is calculated in based on your performance in the last 6-, 12-, and 24- months and the best score out of these calculations is your Job Success Score.

~ Avery
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