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Job Success Score Frozen

Hi There, hope you doing well.

I recently closed 4 contracts having total $5000+ earnings, all contracts are having 5 start feedbacks, i am surprised why there is no increase in my Job Success Score ?? inspite of this, if just $100 contract ends up with a 4 star feedback then job success score goes down rapidly, then why $5000+ earnings do not have any Positive impact ?? 
I am facing this issue since last year, i would be very grateful if upwork support inspects my profile to sort it out, Thanks.  
Malik Asif. 


Hi Malik,


Thank you for reaching out. It looks like you've had the same question a few months back and our support team has already provided an answer. I'll share the same information here so other Community members who may have the same question can read this.


We do not share the exact scoring algorithm as well as the exact contract/s that affected your score negatively. 
Even if you receive mostly great recommendations from your clients, if some clients didn’t recommend you as much as others, that would still negatively impact your JSS.
There are 4 segments where the JSS is computed if it can be generated.
When good outcomes slip out of your best window and not enough good outcomes come in to replace them, your score may be the same or it may change depending on the results of your outcome. Think of it as a movement where a new outcome will simply replace the one that was pushed back to another segment. You need to complete more jobs successfully to improve your score.
To elaborate and as an example, the Upwork system will calculate 4 Job Success scores for every update. That would be the following: 

  • Your average JSS during the past 24 months
  • Your average JSS during the past 12 months
  • Your average JSS during the past 6 months
  • And your “Trending JSS,” which we calculate by adding your average JSS for the past 6 months with your average JSS for the past 3 months, then divide in half.

To get each score, you must have enough qualifying outcomes from enough clients within that time window. Once the four scores are calculated, we choose the highest score and display it on your profile.


For example, if:

  • Your average JSS during the past 24 months is 92%
  • Your average JSS during the past 12 months is 88%
  • Your average JSS during the past 6 months is 94%
  • And your “Trending JSS” is 96% (based on your 3-month average of 98% and your 6-month average of 94%. This leads to 98+94=192, which when divided in half is 96%).

We would review all four percentages and, as mentioned above, select the highest one as your JSS. So in this example, the JSS listed in the profile would be 96%.


Keep in mind, that your score may go up, down, or stay the same as your old contract outcomes age and move into another of the four calculations. 
The Job Success Score is computed in percentages.  so if your contracts are only a few, one or 2 bad outcomes are already a huge percentage of your score.


Should you have further questions or concerns, feel free to reach out.

~ AJ
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