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Job Success Score Increases (Success Stories Here).

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Ikechukwu I Member Since: Jul 28, 2015
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There are already tons of people whining about drops in their success scores, but I know it's not all doom and gloom.


My success score dropped from 97% to 83% (because an Elance client delayed sending his content 1 month past deadline day). And I want to believe I can raise it back to previous levels.


So please, if your JSS actually increased, do share with us.



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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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It was a sad Sunday on the morning of September 5, 2015. I was a bright, hopeful Upworker with dreams of a 100% JSS. Those dreams were crushed that fateful morning when I woke up to an 89% JS score. My heart sank and I contimplated ending it all. My dreams of 100% could never be. 


But that wasn't the end of it. No longer did I have that bright shiney blue badge. My world was ending. I only found comfort in my tears as I typed my proposals badgeless, blueless, and at 89%. Those two weeks were the worst turmoil and suffering I had ever felt as I typed till my fingers bled with just 89% to back me up. I didn't know what to do. I read Irene's story of woe and avoided kitchen knives for 2 weeks. I prayed so hard and so deep for a sign that one day I would see a blue badge again by my name.


Then, on the morning of September 19th, 2015 the lord of unicorns and lollipops heard my prayers. My first world prayers had been answered. I could once again see a blue badge in my profile. I saw 92% in my stats and I knew from that day on I would no longer have to worry how I would pay my cleaning lady in two weeks. Kitchen knives were no longer as scary. The tears dried up, and here I am a survivor. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and I am here to tell the tale.


I have survived the loss of the blue badge. AMA

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Ikechukwu I Member Since: Jul 28, 2015
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Hehehe...your tale of sorrow and redemption just made my afternoon.


And, I see you Redditor!

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Sandra T Member Since: Nov 26, 2014
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Mine was in the 60's when it was first introduced (I had been taking a break from the site but received the warning email).


It was relatively easy to get it back up into the 80's, then kept jumping back and forth between 86 and 92. This past week mine did a miraculous jump of 10% to 98 despite my very first dispute (which will probably kick in with the next update, heh).


I don't think at all that it is all doom and gloom. It's not 100% transparent (it's supposed not to be and there is reason for that), and by now I think it can be actively controlled by the freelancer to a certain degree (by doing good work, by avoiding certain clients, by only taking on stuff that you will do well, by keeping good communication to ensure that clients give you good private rating which in my mind is the most important factor).


So far for me, the overall increase has been telling me that I must be doing something right. The little ups and downs don't concern me much, I think that's normal.