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Job Success Score Issues

I want to know how can I report a client. The client agreed on 10hrs/week. I told them clearly that I will work until 2AM IST. Not beyond that. He agreed and sent me an offer and he set the contract to start next week. But after 2 days he cancelled the contract stating the he needs someone in their time zone. This is so biassed. Even for this, which is not my fault my Job success score will decrease and I will have no control over it. There should be some kind of penalty for such clients. I mean there is hardly any difference on clients profile for such action. Upwork seems so client biassed. My Job success score is decreased for something which is not my fault.
Another Incident: client sent me a direct offer for for $7/hr and later paused the contract stating that he could only pay $5/hr. Am I willing to accept those. I had no option but to comply as my job success rating will get affected.
I am really pissed of with such incidents. Is there anything that I can do so that I am less vulnurable. I want to work freely without worrying about Job success score until its my fault. Please suggest.
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You want to report the client for changing his mind? That's not a TOS violation.

Alrighthe changed his mind byt all I am concerned is why my ratings get affected because someone changed his/her mind. 

Also, talking about 2nd incident why my rating should get affected when client sent me an offer for higher rate and later told the made a mistake and am i ready to work for less rate.This is not at all ethically right. 


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Hello Shipra,


I'm sorry to hear that. I could only recommend that you should clear things up with your client before accepting any contract so that you won't have to experience this issue again. Kindly click this link to learn the things that may affect your JSS and how to improve your JSS. Thank you.

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There is something you can do: get better at choosing who you work with.
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You have excellent reviews, a few closed contracts should not have much of an impact. But, if they do, accept that this is the way the system works. Be willing to take a few points loss on JSS to avoid being forced to do work you do not want to do. 


Also, if you are top rated and believe that a single contract has pulled down your JSS, you can use your Top Rated perk to remove that contract from the calculation. Be cautious though, you can only use this perk once and then you have to wait to use it again. So, the perk is an emergency-only option. 

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I did not knwoI can use that. Also a client hired me on 3 different contracts and he has stopped responding to me on 2 and paused one of the contrcat. He asked me initially if I am willing to work for way less than he offered. What should I do in such situation. 

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