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Job Success Score and its frustrating mysteries...

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Melanie H Member Since: Nov 2, 2017
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@Areani M wrote:

Thanks for your reply, Melanie! I understand what you're saying, and you do make a valid point in regards to Upwork wanting to make sure the client can be honest about their experience with a freelancer, but the fact still remains that that creates a "false positive" feedback for the freelancer, with no chance to dispute the client's claim, or even learn from the issues with the experience, so as to not incur in the same mistakes in the future... So it basically lowers our scores/chances without considering all aspects of the situation...

If a client is being harassed to leave a good feedback, then of course they should be able to bring that up to Upwork's attention, but if that is not the case, and it was actually the client who behaved less than professionally in some way, then it's the freelancer's voice that should be heard louder, or at least equally, given the chance to respond (to Upwork, not the client), don't you think? I'm not even sure that's what's affected my JSS, but since it is a possibility, this is my opinion about it...

 Well, that's the thing. I think the clients WERE bringing harassment to UW's attention, and the time spent on that was prohibitive...and how is UW supposed to make that call anyway, given the fact that everyone has a different definition of "enough"? Too much of a time sink, too much clutter for UW and I know I don't want to pay higher fees to cover all that extra work UW would constantly be needing to do to get in the middle of conversations and exchanges to make a determination that the FL or client may just bug them about endlessly anyway.


I agree with Petra's question, do you see 100% client satisfaction? If not...private FB. If's something else. ETA: Oh, sorry, I think you do have 100% in that category? Are you saying, on your stats page? The post was long and not broken up, I missed that part.