Job Success Score calculation system is good enough?

I have done 23 projects on upwork and 5 ongoing projects . I always give the best quality to the clients and they all love it . Today, I noticed that my success score in my upwork profile fell down to 83% from 100% without getting any negative feedback . I was like "What The F***" ,so I try to figure out what is the reason and found out that I have 2 inactive project for about a month , I thought that's the reason according to JSS calculation page . Then I told my inactive clients to end the contract and give me feedback and asked the upwork support to know how to solve it because it is 100% to 83% skyfall which could affect my following proposals ,not even over 90% . Support agent said that this is because 25% of the projects I have done do not have feedback,lack of feedback , including inactive contracts . And he also said it would a little bit increase if I end inactive contracts and get feedbacks for it . But, the problem is I always give the best results to all of my clients and they like it . I also give feedback to every client I worked with . But why it is considered as negative score just because the clients did not give me feedback ,sometimes they might forget to give feedback or sometimes,may be,they just don't want to give it in their own mind without having problem with freelancer(me) . So the final effect is 83% ? In my future proposals, none of the clients would think "oh, he has lower JSS because of the lack of feedback from clients", they would think like "He has lower JSS ,next! " .

I totally feel unfair about it .
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It's an old mystery why Upwork has decided to set up the JSS calculation for freelancers to include how many of the freelancer's clients have left feedback.


There is no good rating system of any kind that dings the people being rated for something they have no control over.

@Will L wrote:

It's an old mystery why Upwork has decided to set up the JSS calculation for freelancers to include how many of the freelancer's clients have left feedback.


Not that old chestnut again.


It doesn't unless there was no feedback on NOTHING PAID jobs.  And not after a month, anyway.


Contracts which had any payment at all on them do not count against the JSS active, inactive, or closed without any feedback, unless the freelancer has a significant percentage of such contracts.


The OP has poor private feedback. That is why his JSS is what it is.


Minthant - take a look at your MyStats page. What does it say for "Clients who would recommend you" percentage? That's your "private JSS" essentially. Unless you have long term (2+ months) inactive contracts with nothing (ever) paid on them, inactive or closed without feedback (provided something / anything was paid at some point) contracts have absolutely nothing to do with your JSS. Your private feedback, however, does.



My private JSS is 75% since 2016 , and it was 73% last month and still 73% for now .
Regarding the point you given,I think the support agent,who said I got negative JSS because over 25% of my clients did not leave feedback for me,does not know his company's system.

Hi Minthant,

There are many factors that go into your JSS calculation including public and private feedback given when the contract is closed, pattern of contracts without feedback, etc. To learn more details about your Job success score and why it has changed check out this Help Article.

~ Jo-An