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Job Success Score

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Lucia R Member Since: Mar 4, 2017
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Hi everyone.

I have a problem with my Job success score. On 20th august it was updated, and from 92% it goes to 89% and it is ok, since I had received a feedback of 3.60. 

Since 20 august until today I have received 2 positive feedbacks, (both of them 5 stars, the maximum that I can receive, good comments etc...).

Today my JSS has been updated but it's still on 89%.

How is it possible? Those 2 feedbacks are useless... 

Thanks in advance

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Jazib S Member Since: Aug 15, 2015
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Similar situation is with me. First it was not increasing. Then after two projects with 5* public rating it dropped 1%. I contacted the chat support they don't know much. Again this week it dropped 1%. And again I ended one two project. One with 5* ratint and one with no rating at all.

This JSS score is doing less good. We work so hard to get projects. Fight for projects. Then complete the projects and get good 5* ratings. And then this JSS drop is totally unfair
Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi Lucia and Jazib,


The private feedback is also included in the calculation for your JSS, not just the public feedback. If the client didn`t left great private feedback it will result in a slight downfall.
You can bowt focus on finishing few short projects as this will help you the feedback to be included in your JSS calculation a little bit faster.

~ Goran
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Lucia R Member Since: Mar 4, 2017
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I know that also private feedbacks influence my JSS, but in these 2 weeks I have worked with a client (who has my same mothertongue) and there haven't been problems at all! If there had been any kind of problems, obviously we would have resolved them. So I doubt that this client (the same of the last 2 feedbacks) has left me a negative private feedback, this is why I can't understand the reason of my JSS at 89%.