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Job Success, ongoing work and other serious issues

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Ela K Member Since: Feb 9, 2015
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@Vlad R wrote:

Long-term employment does count towards my profile, but only ones that have been long term and then *ended*. However, ALL of my long-term contracts are still *ongoing*. They do not contribute at all to my score, and never will until the contracts end and they give feedback, or until the system is changed.

No, that is not what I said or meant.

This is what a moderator wrote in another thread regarding long-term contracts and JS score:


- Having long-term clients counts positively in your Job Success score. However, not having long-term clients does not count negatively in your Job Success score.


- Long-term client are the clients you work with and receive payments from regularly for at least three months. This could be over one or multiple contracts and could be hourly or fixed-price work.

I suppose that is why the 'Long-term clients' statistic is included in the 'Client Satisfaction' metric on your 'My Stats' page. It is one factor in the calculation. It does count, but particularly private feedback on successfully completed contracts counts more.
Take a look at this thread:


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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Ela, thanks for providing all this info. I hope Vlad understands the Job Score better now, and worries less as a result.

One of the reasons that Upwork provides the My Stats page which prominently displays our Long Term Client statistics in the Job Score section is because they want us to know that ONGOING, LONG-TERM CONTRACTS are an important, positive factor in calculations Job Score,
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Gwen E Member Since: Apr 24, 2015
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Anyone who says they don't give much thought to the JS score and how it affects their standing on UpWork, clearly has plenty of existing, regular clients such that they don't have to rely on gaining new clients in UpWork. There are a huge number of long-term oDesker's relying on the JS score to gain new cleints through interviews and applications. These folks now have to do damage control from the algorithm change. UpWork doesn't support this in any real manner, to help long-term providers who suffered a drop in JS score when the new algorithm took effect. This is a huge problem in my book, and nothing more than a popularity contest, based on some pretty underhanded activities by clients and providers.


You may find one day that it's another provider (and/or related cohort) who hired you for that $20 gig or $50 gig, just so they could rate you so low that your JS score would drop (thereby eliminating some competition).


Sorry you are going through this.

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Richard H Member Since: Apr 6, 2013
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I also think JS should be totally reworked, for appearently no reason I just lost my Top Rated status on 26th, because JS fall under 90%. The only change that happened before that is I accepted an offer and started working. Which really feels to me I'm being punished for using the service.


I'm trying to get longterm clients, but that might be a mistake if that is punished. Unless I ask my clients to weekly end the contract and rehire me every time, which is stupid.

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Anamul n Member Since: Oct 10, 2015
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After I merged my Elance account with my Upwork account, my JSS is down to 44%.
While all of my feedback is 5 start and positive.

In Elance I had some job that has been ended a long tine ago. But the client didn't change the status to "complete". I didn't insist because it didn't effect my ranking anyway.


But Upwork is counting those job from Elance as "job in progress". But those job has ended a long time ago.

Also I tried to "close" down those job in Elance but they don't have any option for job closer.Specially job that is years old.


Right now I have 11 job in progress and only two of them are active. 9 of the other job has been completed long time ago. Client left positive feedback. Only that they forgot to close the job. 


Anyone can check my profile and tell me how is it sane to have only 44% JSS. SO now I can't get any invitation, any job, it has completely destroyed my earning.


Upwork also should reconsider "Job in progress" from Elance. As elance doesn't force client to close a job or end a contract when the feedback is done.

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Setu M Member Since: Jan 26, 2014
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As Petra suggested, you may want to open a ticket if you have not done so already. Otherwise try and have it escalated to someone more senior.

Since the system on Elance is different than here, it seems these open jobs (though with great feedback) is causing the issue. And I would say that is unreasonable - because the client was obviously satisfied.

Push until you get a favourable response. Or at least a Mod here may help to escalate your case.

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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"Also I tried to "close" down those job in Elance but they don't have any option for job closer.Specially job that is years old."


Yes they do. Go into the job in your Elance profile and select "Mark job as complete." I just did it last week when I realized that I had 2 open jobs from 2012.


@Petra On Elance, someone can give you a rating after the first milestone payment without closing the job. As long as money is exchanged, they can rate you. It's not a weird thing for an Elancer to see something like that.

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Anamul n Member Since: Oct 10, 2015
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Sorry, I tried again and couldn't find any "mark job as complete". I can't even go to the workroom anymore. The link to the workroom doesn't work.


I urge anyone who have access to elance to check out my account there.  May be because those project are very old.

I can only access the most recent one.

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Anamul n Member Since: Oct 10, 2015
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Okay. I managed to "find and Mark the jobs as complete". So now, will it update in upwork? 


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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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Yep, it will update.