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Job Success - question & answer

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Natacha R Member Since: Aug 2, 2010
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Private feedback – on a scale of 0-10


Does anyone know if clients have to select 10 not damage freelancer’s JS? What happens if they select 7 or 8?

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Setu M Member Since: Jan 26, 2014
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Natasha, is is thought that:


7-10 = Positive

5-6 = Neutral

0-4 = Negative


Of course you will never get an official response with an answer, and my response undoubtedly has a disclaimer.

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Ela K Member Since: Feb 9, 2015
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Natacha R Member Since: Aug 2, 2010
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@Ela K wrote:

Natasha - this is what I found: 


Krisztina's comment.



 Oh I have not seen any comments from the moderators


 That is quite demanding, 8 should be good too.

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Setu M Member Since: Jan 26, 2014
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The reason I think 0-4, 5-6 and 7-10 are more reasonable assumptions, is that the associated questions for choosing each score changes outside of these ranges. In other words, if a client chooses 0-4 there is one set of questions, 5-6 no questions and 7-10 a different set of questions.


It is therefore reasonable to assume that these are the ranges.

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Krisztina U Member Since: Aug 7, 2009
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Setu M Member Since: Jan 26, 2014
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While we may disagree on where the ranges are, I still do not think that this question is the end all. In any case every freelancer knows what this score is, because it is in the "My Stats" area.

While it is a part of deciding if a job was counted as "successful" or "not successful," I think other questions may be equal contributors.
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Donna M Member Since: Aug 28, 2012
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I would like to know the answer to this as well as my score has dropped from 100 to 94 after a contact closed and client left 5 star feedbacks.


Looks like I got downgraded due to private feedback that the client left I don’t think this client left bad private feedback and may have misunderstood Upwork totally


If this is the case that a client needs to leave a 9 or 10 or otherwise the freelances score goes down is completely ridiculous and unacceptable and unfair as you may have done a great job for a client and they may have given you a 7 thinking that they are giving you a good score when in fact they are hurting you..


Most people view a scale from 1 to 10 as exactly that 5 is always neutral 10 is perfect so shouldn’t the score reflect that If you get a 5 it should be no change to JS anything below a 5 your JS goes down anything above 5 your JS should go up


I would also like to know as I have noticed that most people that this has happed to their score like mine drops 5 to 6 points but I also have read on other posts that others have noticed that when they do get a 9 or 10 that their score only goes up 2? So no 9 or 10 and score goes down 5 to 6 points get a 9 or 10 rating and you score goes up 2????


Also on a side note can anyone tell me why I keep getting 5 star feedback (6 so far) yet my feedback score has not gone up at all it still sits a 4.87 after 6 5 sat feedback has not gone up one tick on either my profile or on my JS??

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Lena E Community Manager Member Since: Apr 7, 2015
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Hi Setu,


The blog post on Job Success Scores, has been posted and is linked in our announcement thread here:


Hope this helps,




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Setu M Member Since: Jan 26, 2014
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Thanks for the heads-up Lena. Appreciated.
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