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Job Success went down after getting a 5 star from a recent ended job.

When this job success score started, I've got 98% but when I checked it after my recent ended job that client had given me a 5 star, my Job success goes  down to 93%. Such a rubbish!!!! I was happy because I've got a 5 star but they had lowered down my job success. What kind of calculation do you have Upwork? Is 2+2 = 1? Oh, your so perfect!!!


To any moderator that will be reading this. Kindly, inform them to fix this. I had contacted the customer support but everything they will be giving you are informations but they are not able to fix this problem.






The simple answer will be from them is may your client left a bad private feedback or your 24 month history calculation nothing else it can't be fixed because no one know how the calculation works.

Your job success score changes every 2 weeks and looks back taking the last 2 weeks into consideration. You need to look at the whole picture and not job by job.

I presume there's a wee typo in there , so just for clarification:


"and looks back taking the last 2 years into consideration"

No typo.


I assumed that they would average into your last scores.Would it make sense that they run the algoritym every two weeks from the beginning of time?

Remember after the two current weeks, the two oldest weeks (from 2 years ago) would fall out the time span. So yes everything would be recalculated. This is why even if you actually get good private feedback in the last two weeks, it is still possible for JS score to decrease. Because you may have lost many positive private feedback scores from the range also.

However I still don't think that is the metric being used. But that's a different matter.
---- easy like Sunday morning ----

Sad to say Junesha, there is no "fixing of JS score calculation" to be had on Upwork. It is an end all for them and would be too much of a slap in the face to retract or even adjust.

---- easy like Sunday morning ----

Junesha, it's quite simple. You got a poor rating in the hidden feedback section. Chances are that your client thought that rating you a 6 or 7 in the "would you recommend this freelancer" was a good rating. 


I think as a best practice, freelancers should prepare clients for this question. In my early freelancer days, way before oDesk and star ratings or JS scores, I would always ask my clients what their expectations were (beyond the obvious of getting the job done) before we got started, and what their pet peeves were, to make sure I could avoid them. Customer satisfaction is big to me, so asking for feedback was important (it still is). At the end of the job, post payment, I would ask them that if there was one thing they wished I would've done differently, what was it? Of course you don't want to come off as fishing for approval or needing constant patting on the back, but clients usually appreciate you asking for guidance where the projects allows for that type question. 


On oDesk, it's a bit of a tricky question because you have to be careful not to suggest the rating you'd like as that is against the ToS, but I think asking a client how likely they would be to recommend you on a scale of 1 to 10 does prepare them for the question, and makes them be more thoughtful in their rating.