Job advertised $2.50 per hour? Is this allowed?

Just seen this job:


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At $2.50!  Less Upwork fee, amounts to next to nothing!  And from the UK!  Is this allowed?


Hi Brenda,

Thank you for reporting, we'll have the job reviewed and necessary actions taken.

~ Goran

Many jobs are like that, if you pay more attention to what is said in the description. Many ask to work for less than 1 USD per hour, especially for writing jobs. High quality articles of 2000 words, well-researched, for 5 USD each. It seams like more and more jobs like that are being posted on Upwork. Most of clients want to find someone to work for them almost for free. If you pay close attention to every description, you can see that there are only a few clients that are actually willing to pay more than 10 USD per hour. Upwork should have better rules. Then, there are freelancers that agree for that price (from poor countries). Some earn quite a lot - more than 20 000 USD per year. This is also impossible, as I saw freelancers that claim to work 16-20 hours per day (effectively, without any break at all), every single day of the week (no free weekend or a day off), WHOLE YEAR. And they still have rate 2-3 USD per hour. Can you imagine earning 20000 USD per year with 3 USD rate per hour? It is not logical, but no one cares about that.

I'm noticing that too. It's really annoying. But maybe those kind of clients learn once they've been burnt with copycats or google translate specialists a couple of time. Question though - is there a way to limit your search by excluding the low budgets jobs? Like, fore instance your search algorithm should start thrwoing up project with a minimum pay - set by yourselff?

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