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Job completed but not showing in my profile

I finished my first job now, client and I have left feedback for each other, but job not showing in my profile.


And also I have another job not completed from the past year and I want to delete it from history, Please can anyone help me






The problem solved and the job now in my history, But please i need to remove the cancelled job from my profile 


The job I’m taking about `Developer needed for POS (Point Of Sales) System using Java`

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Tawfik,


The contract you are referring to has already ended except your client didn't leave a feedback. You can follow up with the client and enable them to change feedback


To remove the contract from your Work History, you can give a refund but it's not possible now as you have the ability to issue a refund for 180 days after the payment is received. Refunding the full amount will remove the contract from showing on your profile, but the impact on JSS will remain.


Once you become a Top-Rated freelancer, you can request the feedback to be removed as part of the perks you are getting with the Top-Rated status. For more information about that, please refer to this help article.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar

Thanks Aleksandar D for reply


Now the job displayed.


According to the job i want to remove, The job canceled and i do not received any money, and the client did not pay anything so i nee to remove it from my history, please



Thanks for following up, Tawfik. We've flagged the issue with the older contract showing in your Work History despite having no money paid and the team is already investigating it. Since you've also created a support request about it, we'll keep you updated about the progress via that request.

~ Valeria

Thank you so much Valeria, I will follow the request.

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