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Job description and offered job are totally different

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I applied for data entry jobs in last week and got job offer completely different than they advertised. 


I applied for typing pdf document to word file, but they gave me an offer some stupid codes in random websites. 


I found similar jobs posted over and over every day and description of the job also same. 


Is there a way to stop these people. 




Community Guru

I've seen this job posted a lot, and when I was new I applied and was given some file as a "test" and this "test" had me typing in captchas. I was suspicious and stopped then withdrew my application.


Anyway, not sure how my insight will help, but just be wary of these jobs, especially the ones you see repeated all the time with a client having just created their account. 

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I jsut want to offer my two cents if it helps. when I was new to oDesk I got that same type of deal. What I learned is to make sure to clarify EVERY detail of what the client will be asking you to do BEFORE agreeing to the contract. Trust me, it will save you lots of hassle, wasted time and worries of getting less than stellar reviews on your profile. Some people seem to want to get over on you by deceiving you in the job description, bombarding you with a bunch of work you didn't agree to, then writing you a negative review as if you were the one at fault. The negative review part didn't happen to me, but I am sure I avoided it by always staying on top of the client even after the contract to make sure they don't deviate into giving me tasks outside of what I agreed to unless they alter the contract and the pay.


Hope that helps because that's what worked for me.