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Job done but payment and feeback not reflecting from past two days.

Job was completed , client said that she left a good feedback and did the payment (it was an hourly job).But the payment and feedback is not reflecting on my acccount from last two days. I am waiting here to start biding on jobs with help of job i completed.

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Hourly work is processed on a set schedule. The work week doesn't end until Sunday night, no matter when you finish the job, then the client has until Friday to review the hours. If the client doesn't dispute the hours, then the money will go into pending next Friday night and be available the following Wednesday.


Your feedback won't show up until either you leave feedback for the client or the 14 days you have to leave feedback expires.

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Community Manager

Hi Rahul, 

Tiffany is correct. If you would like more information about what she shared, you may read more about the Weekly Billing Cycle in this help article. 

~ Avery
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