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Job feeds are not upto my skills and not proper

I have been watching platform from a long time. I recently faced this issue. My friends also work Upwork they receive really good volume projects on their feeds and responses but unfortunately my feeds show low rates projects and bug resolve projects which are worthless to bid.


I would request Team Upwork if they can help me with this please and guide me with my profile. I have PRO id and get no benefits being PRO.


I need to work with you guys regularly. It is the best platform ever.


Thank You.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Pushpank,


Thanks for reaching out to us. I understand you're seeing a different type and volume of jobs in your job feed when compared to your friend's. There are legitimate reasons for not having the same jobs feature in two different feeds, including the saved search filters, and in order to advise on this please submit a support request and share your friend's profile link so our team could take a look and advise. 

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