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Job in Progress but no work assignment

Hi UpWorkers,
Should I move forward with ending my contract (after discussing with the client) as I haven't received much work in the past 3 weeks (from the time contract started). Merely 3 hours of work.

When I message the client after every few days he says they are getting some things aligned but my thoughts are that if the client didn't have work for me yet then why hire me until I was actually required?

Detail about the no assignment assigned issue:

My issue is that a client had hired me as the project manager on May 14th, 2020. Initially the client sent some work which was an initial review of the projects etc. - I reviewed rather quickly and also created the raw/initial timeline in a few hours for discussion with the team and the CEO to analyze steps and processes to move forward.

Even though the client replies here and there saying that they are still busy aligning some things but during this time there hasn't been one meeting nor team introduction meet up etc. 

Neither is the client sending any tasks, though I have been added to all the project groups and can view and interact with all the team members if I want to but I just feel a bit hesitant as I am still waiting for my client/CEO to give me a go ahead to jump in and start trying to move things forward.

I have hardly worked for 3 hours in these 3 weeks.

Please guide what is the best option for me.

I thought of talking to the client and ending the contract but then I am really worried of getting bad feedback, don't know what the client would think.

Or should I wait a few more weeks as the client might send work but then I may go beyond the refund policy time limit and be unable to refund the client payment to remove the client feedback/contract from my profile.

I need an opinion about whether I should move forward with closing my current contract, given that it isn't as easy finding a job on Upwork as some might think because it takes hours of searching, skimming and applying to suitable jobs before actually landing one.



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Can someone please help me with this issue as I am worried and feeling stressed out.

Saeeda Sarwat N wrote:

Can someone please help me with this issue as I am worried and feeling stressed out.

What are you stressed about? There is nothing to be stressed about.


Leave the contract open, or close it. It makes no difference and there is no need to be worried or stressed.

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