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Job is real or scam

How do we know if the job description is normal no whats app or any other third-party link . how do we know if the job posting is real or a scam? 
see this job posting This client made a scam with me by sending a bonus after that I send the query to the support center and they reverse the amount but I want to ask Upwork please make an appropriate policy.
We are looking for someone who is good at Adobe Photoshop. You must work on a base model and put on different colors, backgrounds, etc. We want this work done professionally. Someone with good knowledge of photo editing, and graphic design with canva will do this job. Our requirements are as follows:


• Must have expertise in photo Manipulation

• Previous Experience with a similar task

• Adobe Photoshop Expert

• Canva Expert

• Communication and updating about the work

• Can start fast Task List for the job:

• Enhance the quality of the base model

• Different backgrounds for the image collection

• Must provide high-quality images

These are the job task you have to do.


How do we know


Looking at that job post, I don't see anything wrong.


But I don't think I'll send a proposal because it looked too generic. I'm mainly afraid there will be too many competitors with "great proposals", reduces my chance. These days it is hard to just get noticed (getting viewed, for me at least), I'll spend my monthly connect veeeery carefully.


I think I never send a proposal that responded with a scam attempt. Most of my proposals are not viewed -_-

Upwork never claimed that bonus payments are protected.

How did you earn $2550 in one day, that is 510 hours at your profile rate. That is impossible to do. 

I will report that matter to Upwork and Upwork reversed the payment and as well as apprecite me