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Job listing scam


Hello I am new here to this site and of course looking for employment.


wouldn't you know they very first offer I received is of course a scam, I have received jobs offers before that were scams and so now I am very leery and check twice. 


This posting is for **edited for Community Guidelines** which yes is a real company, but the offer is not real.


When they emailed me the job offer they made a crucial mistake, the wrong name was on the document and the wrong dates. Therefore to confirm my suspicions I contacted the real company and sent them the documents Their email back to me is what I suspected a scam... below is the original posting please beware applying for this position. They are looking to steal you bank account information.



**edited for Community Guidelines**



Theres more, but I figured this post is long enough already.




Don't take it personally.


As a new contractor, it is normal for you to be invited to many scam jobs. It is also normal for you to apply to scam jobs and have a few rough experiences initially.


After you have a little more experience, you won't run into this very much, if at all.


I have been using Upwork a little more than a year. I regularly receive job invitations, but I never receive invitations to scam jobs. So that's something you can look forward to.


Feel free to post questions here in the Community Forum as you get invitations and consider jobs to apply to. We'll be able to help you quickly identify which are scams.

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I definitely agree, the longer the post remains the more people may apply, receive a request for an interview and get hired then believing this is a legitimate job offer give their banking information....  

**edited for Community Guidelines**


This job interviewed on Hangouts and said they are not paying though upwork.


Hi guys, Have you ever heard this company? **Edited for Community Guidelines** is a real company but the scammer use this name for your bank information. They called me and told me I got hire from **Edited for Community Guidelines** and they wanted my bank account information including my ACOOUNT PIN NUMBER and PASSWORD. I felt something does not sound right that why I did not give any my bank information to them. Just becareful before give anybody your personal information.

Kongka Smith

Hi Kongka,


I am glad you recognized this client activity as suspicious. Requesting freelancers payment information and offering to pay outside of Upwork is against ToS and we ask users to report it. I'll inform the team so they could review and take actions against this job.

~ Valeria

re: "...they wanted my bank account information including my ACCOUNT PIN NUMBER and PASSWORD. I felt something does not sound right"



Yep. I would definitely trust your feelings on this one.


It was probably hard to put your finger on exactly what the problem was, but something just felt off when you wanted to earn money, and a potential client asked for your BANK ACCOUNT, PIN NUMBER and PASSWORD.