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Job offer before any earlier contact



I was wondering what you freelancer do, when you have an offer for a job. But you had no contact before that.

Well, I applied for the project. But no discussion about it or what it is all about.

I have tried to reach the client. But no response so far.

Do you accept an offer even if you didnt had any talk before the offer ?

If it seems it doesnt fit me and my skills, I have to cancel if it ...


Looking forward to your thoughts. And experience.


Thanks, Karin

Community Member

Hey Karin,


It's kind of a risky move to accept it if you feel you may not be able to complete it based on the description but maybe they are waiting for you to accept the job before communicating.  I've had this happen to me in the past and it ended up being really rewarding.  If you have doubts, simply play it safe and decline the offer.



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I would not accept the job offer. If they are unwilling to communicate now, they will be unwilling to communicate in the future. If they send a job offer, you can send them a message without accepting it. I would tell them you would like to speak with them before accepting their offer to make sure you fully understand what they need or want. If they do not respond or it is a quick 2 word answer, I would decline the offer. 

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