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Job postings the raise suspicion

Sometimes, I take translation jobs. So, during last month I have encountered some very similar job postings, looking like they were made based on same template. Those posts always come from new clients with no history or feedback, but with verified payment method. Job descriptions are like "Translate manual XXXX pages" or "Translate book YYYY pages" with no other details and budgets 10 or 20 times smaller than actual cost of the job, but still more than 500$. And the funny thing is, these jobs are awarded to freelancers (always new ones) with empty profiles and no feedback, with no interviewing done. Am I the only one that smells fish here? P.S. I asked support team to take a look at it, but got usual "we see no problem with this".

Maybe the clients connect with freelancers and then work with them outside of oDesk, which goes against the rules anyway.

That could be the case, but I doubt it, because freelancers chosen for this jobs have empty profiles. Meaning that legit client has no logical reason to even look at them. By the way, here is a recent one: ** Again, job from a new client and freelancer with empty profile is chosen. Maybe I'm paranoid, but to me, it looks like either money laundering or attempt to boost some profiles. * Removed by admin
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