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Job posts drop 20 minutes late on "Most Recent" feed

Hello Upwork, 


My Most Recent jobs feed shows jobs atleast 20 mins late and with 10-15 or more already submitted proposals.


Please I get to see new job post when they are already atleast 20 mins old which makes it difficult for me to submit proposals on time. 


Please help! This is frustrating. 

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It is broken.

I see:

36m ago

4h ago

3h ago

3h ago

But MyFeed look good, 7 min, 11min, 21min

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I'm surprised people are surprised by this. It's just another way for upwork to subliminally tell you "Hey give us more money and things will be easier!".


Hi Chijioke,


Thank you for reaching out and reporting this here in the Community. However, I actually tried and can't replicate the issue you're describing. I can see that the most recent job results are in order. Please visit this screenshot for your reference. 


Could you please try using a different browser or the incognito mode of the current one? You may also clear your cache and cookies. Let us know if the issue persists with a screenshot of what you can see from your end, and we'll look further into that for you.


~ Arjay

Thank you all for the replies.


I noticed the feed started working well the next day. 

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