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Job proposal open for 27 days and no activity?

just wondering what the policy is on jobs trhat have been posted, people have sent proposals (and used connects to do so) but know one has been back to visit the job since ? its been 27 days with no activity! is it possible to get my connects back as it was obviously a waste of time.

  The job actually says "needed ASAP" 


Thanks Simon.


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there have been number of such projects where the client needs it urgently but never bother to close it or select someone...

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Simon, 

Jobs automatically expire after 30 days of inactivity on the job. Connects are returned only when the job without hire is cancelled either by the client or by Upwork team. You can find more information here.

~ Avery

So after 30 days will everyone get there wasted connects refunded?

@Simon D wrote:

So after 30 days will everyone get there wasted connects refunded?

 No, they will not be refunded. 

They may also not be wasted. Sometimes people come back months later with another project and contact those whose bid interested them.


You should simply accempt job proposals relevant to your skills else reject proposal to save your time and use your connects on jobs relevant to your skills.

not sure what your point is Muhammad? i DO only attempt jobs i have the skills for but that doesnt make any difference at all if the job posted is not awarded to anyone! or even revisited by the job poster themselves.

Simon, this is pretty common.  Clients  may hire locally or from another platform or from within their organization.  My advice is to send the best proposal you can and then just forget about it.  Checking back to see if anyone was hired will make you crazy.


If you search the term "wasted" you will find many freelancers who feel the same and frequently post their complaints. Nonetheless, that is how the system works. There are no guarantees that anyone will be hired. 

Its not so much my time i feel is wasted but i certainly feel the connects i have used are wasted and as they are limited unless you wish to pay a Dollar each to buy more, i am not sure about other freelancers but i do not have the funds to buy endless connects when the ones i use are wasted and there is no way of getting them back!