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Job success

Please, It is best Upwork make this clear to client that 4.0 star is as good as a bad reviews.


Because I cant see a reason why after getting a 5.0 star and 4.0 star with excellent feedback from client my job success still drops drastically.


This is the second time this is happening.


I made a complain about this earlier but all I could get was that the 4.0 star rating is okay.


But my job sucess keeps on droping drastically just with a 4.0-4.4 star rating and upwork just kept on neglecting the 5.0 star.


This is absurd. I still dont get it.


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@ Olivia --


Your JSS is not based on the star ratings. Your JSS is based on private feedback that you do not see.


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Please I am still getting confuse from your response. 


Here is a screenshot of my job sucess. Dont know of any private feebacks


My job as just move from 92 down to 86 and now 83. Then whats the use of 5 star and 4.0 star with excellent feedback. 



I made a complain about this but all I could get was that is okay. 



@ Olivia --


You don't know about "private feedback[s]" because they are PRIVATE. It is intended that they be hidden from the freelancer.


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You think you're perfect right?

" they be hidden from the freelancer.''

This tweaks my eyes.

Please try to work on your subjunctive



Sorry to hear about your eyes, but "that they be" is 100% correct in what Janean wrote.


She's also correct about the errors in your writing.


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Olivia, go to your "My Stats" page and take a look at your "Clients who would recommend you" percentage.

That's (essentially) your "private JSS."


If that is low it would indicate that you probably overpromise and underdeliver.

Your profile promises things you just can't deliver because you lack the basic tools.


This will, sooner or later, always come back to haunt you, which is exactly what is happening now.


@Charles K wrote:

ETA: I dunno what exactly, but there's something weird going on here.

 Other than the fact that Toronto shifted timezone by two hours you mean?


Missed that one.

At any rate, this is one case where JSS is working properly. Multiple clients giving 4s is a sign of people who aren't very happy with the work but trying not to hurt the freelancer's feelings. This person has no business posing as a "proofreader."

You only have 12 jobs so far so a few 4 and 4.xs with some mediocre private feedback is bound to get you the lower JSS. Keep working on your quality and doing well for your clients without overpromising and as you get more and continue to perform better, you will get to the top rate status.


There is always a possibility to get some clients who will not rate you perfect. Nobody is perfect, and you're not doing too bad. Try increasing your prices if you know you can provide good quality because you'll get the better clients that way who are willing to pay and they are all around less difficult to handle most of the time. 

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Hi All,


A few comments on this thread have been edited or removed because they were off topic. Please, refrain from discussing issues with another user's profile overview, location, language skills and experience unless they specifically request feedback about it. If you wish to report any ToS violations or inconsistencies, please use Flag as Inappropriate link on the profile to send your feedback directly to the team for a review. 


Thank you.

~ Valeria

Sorry about that, Valeria.

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