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Job time logging sheet question

So i got my first job and my client is busy , but my profile and auto time tracker is online and im doing nothing because im already done and informed him about it? he told me to wait, so should i turn it offline ? can anyone give me some advice ? i have 20hrs per week and i want to know if it required to stay online when you already started your work? and already done with it and nothing to do just wait for another assigned task ? please help asap.


Yes, if you are done working, then you turn off the time-tracker's time-tracking feature.


While you are working, you leave the time-tracker application running.


When you are NOT working, you may leave the app running on your desktop computer, or you may quit the app. It doesn't matter, really.


If you client authorizes you to work 20 hour per week, it doesn't mean he wants you to work 20 hours per week. It means you are allowed to work up to that amount. But if you finish your assignments in 10 hours, then you stop. That's it. You get paid for the time you work on behalf of your client.

If you are "on call" or something but not actually working, then that's a different matter, and you may ask us questions about that. But you can't use the time-tracker for that.

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