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Job way bigger than expected

Hi all,

I accepted to translate a flow diagram for a digital app for $8 (the budget was initially fixed at $10). However, I only received the document after accepting the contract and only then I could realize the extent of the work to be done (more than 5000 words). It's way too low for that much work. The person that proposed the project had only 2 previous comments that were positive...so I never thought I would have a problem. My question is, what can I do to solve this? Can I end the contract and refund the person amically with no negative comments for each of us? Should I negociate and add milestones? Or am I screwed and have to complete the task until the bitter end?

Thanks for your help


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Hi Steve,

In the first place, the client didn't come up with the whole description of the job so it's hard to accept such escrow for the job. 

The best thing is to re-negotiate on the worth of the job. If the client refuses then refund and settle it amicably so it won't affect your job success.



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You made a mistake.

You accepted a fixed-price contract without reviewing the input documents first.


This was a tactical error on your part.


If you don't want to do the work, then go ahead and close the contract on your own. But be aware that if you that, it would hurt your JSS because you are so new.

Someone with lots of jobs under his belt could easily get away with this. But the situation is more problematic for you.


If you end the contract and refund the escrow payment, then there WILL BE NO public feedback on your profile page. That isn't what will get you. the zero-pay contract is what will have a negative impact on JSS.


Can you try to re-negotiate?


But many people in your position would probably just do the translation and learn from the experience.

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My advice is to finish this one as is rather than take the rating hit, and never again accept a fixed-price offer without reviewing the document. 

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