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JeMark B Member Since: Feb 7, 2014
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Hello; Uh oh! I signed up last Feb 4th, It's been 3 weeks already and I'm still not getting any job, I applied to more than 20 different job posts, I passed those skill tests related to my skills and I made some correction on my profile as well. I am very optimistic kind of person, but right now I'm loosing hope, I believe that everyone have it's limitation and I'm getting near into it. -Check my profile, is there any problem with my grammar or whatsoever?(all the information stated are true) -Do you think that I'm not qualified with all the Jobs posted here? -I don't even know what's happening to my luck, if there's something wrong or what. To all concerned citizens, especially to all veterans here in Odesk, kindly check my profile, let me know if theres any mistakes, or any suggestions will do. Please. Honestly at this moment, I don't even know my rate would be, i just put $3.00/hr for me and $0.33 will go to Odesk. I'm a computer savvy and can do a lot of tasks like; -Data Entry -Chat/Email Support -Web Searching -Powerpoint Presentation, Excel Word -Personal Assistant -and other Office Tasks It's my first time working online, but I worked as a Data Entry Specialist for 3 years, a call center agent for 3 years, and a year as a System Administrator, total of 7 years. Yesterday I applied for 2 job posts, it came to the point that I already got emotional, I included the word "I'm begging you", hoping to receive any feedback from the Clients, Anyway I'm not getting any feedback/response from all the Clients who posted those jobs, either negative or positive feedback, Nothing. I'm getting emotional because I need to do this not for myself but for my loveones that was devastated by Typhoon Haiyan 4 months ago, they are still depending on my insufficient salary every month. I am still hoping to get a job soon, to get my first client, so please tell me why I am not getting any job for 3 weeks already? Thank you so much for your replies. My Profile:
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Sandeep C Member Since: Oct 24, 2013
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JeMark, I know what being jobless means. Have patience. Good luck :-)
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Dianne M Member Since: Jul 25, 2013
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Here is my reply to your other thread which is the exact duplicate of this one ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Even seasoned freelancers go through dry spells. I once had a 7 week period of complete silence, and I got great ratings and experience. Anyway, my point is, what you are experiencing is not even near to what a majority of successful freelancers here have gone through. I know someone who has a lot more specialties than you and it took him more than two months to get his first job. Once it started, he has to turn down offers. Concentrate on getting better at your skills. Don't ever beg. As a client, I will never hire someone who begs. Have more respect for yourself. Btw, just a reality check, you signed up February 4, so what you claim that you've been here for 3 weeks is not true. Applied for 20 jobs? That is nothing! Aim to apply for 10 jobs a day, and if they don't reply, chuck them to refresh your job applications quota and keep on applying. Your video is too long. Keep it under 1 minute. Ditch the clover leafs and hearts in your profile, this is not elementary school and your profile is not a slumbook page. Good luck!

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