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Jobs never awarded

Community Guru

I am quite tired to see jobs I am bidding on never being awarded to anyone.

I wonder how many % of the jobs that that remain unawarded.


Connects flies away so quick..sort of paying for bidding on projects that never would be awarded..


Its frustrating. And I dont know how Upwork could could make it different. 


I guess have to even more think twice on the projects we bid for..


Thanks and merci, Nichola ....  🙂


Hello Upwork Community. The subject may not be too explicit so I'll give more details. Do you often come across jobs which are opened for months but it seems that client can't decide whom to choose?  Some clients do tend to have a look at what they've posted though (via the "Last Viewed" )....

Could Upwork just let the clients leave a "message" on jobs, that are delayed/filled/etc.? 
A simple drop-down list would do. Now, this is about shadow boxing, as far as it gets.


Hello. Im fairly new to upwork and I think I have just about got my head around the site but when it comes to job proposals things seem to be a bit of a mess. Probably about 20% of the jobs I apply for I get or they hire someone else and the job is closed. Fair play. The 80% of the jobs I apply for sit in a giant list of jobs that are in limbo. Most of them seemed to have hired another freelancer but the job isnt taken off my record. I just have a huge list that I constantly have to keep withdrawing my proposal from to get off my home screen. Why does this happen? What happens with those jobs? There should be a way to group manage these proposals or have a time limit for clients that removes the listing if it is more than a month old. Its just annoying and makes the application process look very sloppy. Just my 2 cents.

A lot of clients don't know that they can close a job post if they want to after a successful hire. I am pretty sure the client interface isn't intuitive enogh for a new client to use.


I had made a similar post a few weeks backs, asked UW to make closing a job post more intuitive. I had raised the point in this post:




You can also archive your proposals, in case you don't want to withdraw them. This stops them from appearing on your main screen, but you can still view them on the archive tab.


I usually archive them after about a week. If the client does happen to come back to it after that, your proposal is still there.

Thanks for that. I dident know that!