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Jobs on my public profile are not updating

Can someone help me regarding this? I have completed few jobs and 1 is still on going, but i cannot see those completed or ongoing jobs when i try to view my profile as public. Whats the issue?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi M. Adeel,


I have manually generated your profile which should now be reflecting the most recent information regarding your work history and feedback. Additionally, please clear your cache and cookies and try using a different browser. If the issue shows on your end after this please send me a PM with the contract ID and our team will investigate it further. Thank you!

~ Bojan

No it didn't work yet. I tried with different browser, private window and even with vpn too. And It shows these jobs as my latest job, which are not my latest (screenshot 1). Where as if i go to my profile page after login, i can see my all my actual latest jobs there (screenshot 2).


Profile  without login (public)Profile without login (public)Profile after loginProfile after login


Hi M. Adeel, 


One of our team members will reach out to you shortly and assist you further with this, thank you for your patience!

~ Bojan

Thanks for assistance. 

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