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Jobs posted to Upwork

I just started using Upwork's job platform back on April 18, 2024. I'm an editor, proofreader, and published author with many years of experience. Likewise, I decided to branch out to get more work and possibly make more money. I joined Upwork and so far am fairly pleased with the results.  I have to date submitted proposals for about 15 jobs, and I have two now active, one possible, and one fell through. My issue with some listings, especially on the toolkit as well as the website, are the unreal expectations people want you to do a job for. Case in point. In my field they advertise for an editing job, a 50,000-word document and want to pay $.003 per word. That's $150. So, Upwork takes $15, that leave $135. Here in the US we have a thing called the self-employment tax, which is 35%. Now out of that whopping $150 these jokers wanted you to do a full edit and proofread on their job, you have $87 left. In reality, a 50000-word manuscript would be priced at $.02 or $.03 per word and would cost $1000 minimum. Keep in mind, people like this want you to do a perfect job. Needless to say, I don't send proposals to jobs like this, but there are people who do. I don't know why Upwork allows these kinds of shenanigans to go on with some of their job postings?

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Because Upwork happy with money received for connects. Also them can say "We have many jobs!!", dont matter about quality of that jobs.

Why do you think that it is shenanigans? Price declared, someone agree.

Why don't you think it is? Upwork doesn't stay profitable collecting connects. They make money collecting the 10% fee.

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there's definitely no shortage of clown ass clients posting ludicrously low budgets,  but just ignore them. they'll get what they pay for. 

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These posts are designed for Freelancers living in abject poverty in third-world countries, not for people in the US paying taxes.  


(By the way, I do not endorse the explotation of people living in poverty but it seems to be a signature feature of this website)

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