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Hello Respected UPWORK TEAM, I have joined upwork a month ago.But being an upwork freelancer.I noticed that their is a lot of competition & a hidden game which every freelancer plays of submitting proposals that are not visible to their competitors else clients.While the jobs are divided into categories that are entry level,Intemediate and experts. But why not the jobs that appears in searches of entry level(newbies),experts(most experienced) and intermediate(mixed experienced) is for diffrent grps of freelancer.Like upwork should make the business smooth and approachable for all freelancer that want to give their 100% and those who delivered it.It should make opportunites for other newbies too by uploading the feature of filters visiblity of categorised jobs:entry level jobs should be for rising talent or newbie freelancers,intermediate for top rated  and expert for expert vetted.Because the clients who demands experieced and experts freelancers never hires a newbie for their work.Morover,those who post the jobs with entry level category also hires risng talent or expert freelancer.Then,what abt the newbies to upwork. They just remain limited to unverfied payment method entry level jobs that is just wastage of their time,connects and scamful. Just because of these reasons many freealncers left upwork at the begining(after months) or mid(after one,two or three years).I hope upwork will consider me.

Thank you

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