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Joomla website


We have a website www.controlinduction.co.uk. The site was neglected for years. Our developer has recently updated it to the latest joomla but he has run out of time and cant get back onto it for a month. I want it to be simple but presentable within a few days.

Any suggestions,




Any suggestions?


Geoff, if you want somebody to work on your Joomla-based website, you need to hire somebody with

a) Joomla experience


b) time available to work on it within your time frame


...to work on your Joomla website.


You need to BRIEFLY describe your situation, describe what it is that you want (including the time frame), and post a job on the main website at http://www.upwork.com

Ok, thanks Preston I will do that but was worried about posting a job without knowing what the options were. A bit like Chicken or Egg first 🙂


If you have any questions at all, feel free to post your questions here in the Forum. You can post questions right in this thread, and you should get answers quickly.


If you have trouble posting a job posting, you can ask question here, and you can also ask Customer Support for help. There is also a large body of articles and videos with information in Upwork's Help section.

If I owned this Joomla-based website, I would make sure I had complete sets of backup files containing the source code, configuration files, and database dumps, sufficient to restore the site completely. I would make sure that I had these backups securely stored somewhere off site.


Just in case.


I'm going to be hiring some unfamiliar people - people I have never worked with before - to work on my Joomla-based website. So before I do that, I want to make sure I can restore everything in case I hire the wrong people and they accidentally mess anything up.


The vast majority of possible candidates who I could hire will do a fantastic job for me. I will never need the backup files.


A tiny percentage of possible candidates will, through their incompetence, wipe out my site or make undoable mistakes that damage it.


An even tinier percentage of possible candidates will intentionally delete my site and then ask me to pay a lot of money to recover it.


Here is the key thing you need to understand:

There is no way to know which of these you are hiring, until the work (or non-work) has been done.