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Recently one client ended a contract suddenly without any reason given to me but left 4 star rating. I was so shocked to see it because we were having great work done. I didn't understand why did it so I gave him 1 star and written everything in public feedback. 


I don't know what he did in private feedback but I did clicked on issue with client, no communication options. 


So I would like to know will my feedback to client affect my JSS? 

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Your feedback to the client will not affect your JSS. 

But if the client's private feedback is too less, then it will affect your JSS.

But 4 star rating is not a bad one.

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Giving 1 star is not a professional decision. Other clients will see this and won't want to do business with you. If I were you, I would worry about this and not about JSS

Makes Sense!

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