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Just a suggestion, would like to see Client ID before applying

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Linda P Member Since: Aug 1, 2015
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I understand, a new Client can remain "un-verified" until they their first hire, at which point payment is then verified.



Also, I too, have become very picky about jobs for which I apply.


I have come a long way since March, understanding and learning more and more every day.


I have learned:

  • If it sounds fishy, it’s most likely going to be a “Scam”.
  • Review their stats: Applications, Stats, Hires; and if they already have hired, go to the next post.
  • Limit the size of Example being requested, don’t do the work for free.
  • If Client has more than one job post, what are their stats (15 jobs, 0 hires), go the next post.
  • Check feedback to see if the Clients name is mentioned.
  • And now, if payment is not “Verified”, go to the next post.


This is just to name some things I have learned while searching for jobs on Upwork and participating in the Community Forum.

Community Guru
Linda P Member Since: Aug 1, 2015
32 of 32

I'm just saying...


This came from first page of Job Listings (Taking care not to include Client ID #)...

  Blue Outlined - Payment Method Verified

  Red Outlined and No Outlines - Payment Method Not Verified. 


Not Verified.png


10 postings out of 20 postings...

  1 Verified with Location

  2 Verified without Location

  1 Not Verified with Location

  6 Not Verified without Location


By this, it is possible to have payment verified, without hiring. But, where are most of these job located?