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Just applied to an insane job just to voice my disbelief. So be it!

So I just applied for a job posting from Hong Kong...the one I have seen numerous times. Wanting translation/proofreading and working 40 hours a week for the huge salary of $1 an hour plus bonus. I put $200 an hour (just to go totally crazy) and congratulated him for having 5 applicants "jump" at this fantastic opportunity. I will likely get in trouble but so be it. There are just no jobs here anymore that pay anything remotely close to making a decent living. Thank God I am not desperate. I don't care if its India, Hong Kong or whenever...it is beyond disgusting anymore the jobs being posted that don't pay enough to buy a booger filled Kleenex. I feel much better now. 🙂

I see your point here, but "There are just no jobs here anymore that pay anything remotely close to making a decent living"... no, that's not true. There are still a lot of good jobs out there. You just have to dig your way through scam and low payed jobs. I know, that's annoying. But you know, these things just happen. That being said, your $200 joke really made my day 😉
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Well done Susan. Many of us have often wanted to do this. I occasionally do, but it's probably not good to make a habit of it ;). It does have one practical effect (when it shows)is that it massively puts up the average application. My occasional favourite trick, as a proofreader, is to suggest that I've spotted a typo in the job description involving a missing zero.....

I totally agree - every time I read a huge blurb about how they are looking for experienced, talented and high-quality writers, yet are only willing to pay peanuts, it makes me cross! I do disagree to a certain point though - there ARE quality jobs, but you have to dig deep and be prepared to wade through a lot of rubbish to find them!

Haha, sometimes I had that kind of urge too. But unfortunately, your application isn't readily visible to the employer. Because your bid is too outrageous for the job, ODesk automatically hides you in the applicant list. I used to think ODesk ought to provide some kind of message board for each job posting, so that the freelancers can laugh about the post. But then again, it's just not productive, it wastes everybody's time, and it doesn't help anyone. It'll probably take months for these employers to realize they don't have a business because they don't have money to hire. Eventually they'll see how much their hours worth.
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