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Just did the video profile verification, the questions it asked weren't valid so didn't get right

So I got the message saying I needed to do the video chat to verify my profile. So I did. But the two questions the person asked me which they called "generic"... definitely not generic by the way... seemed to be trying to test my ability at what I claim I can do but they weren't applicable in the right way so I definitely didn't get the "right" answer. Does this matter?


For example, I have my self down as creative/design... which is because I use indesign and illustrator and a little photoshop. I have a degree with a minor in graphic design. The questions they asked were about saving images in one way versus the other, neither of which I ever use because always save as PDF becuase that's how most printers I've come across want them so I definitely had no idea on that one, and then a question about web design- which I don't do, never have done, and never claim to be able to do. 


Does it matter that I didn't answer the questions "correctly"? Were they testing my ability or the fact that I'm a human? I originally thought they were testing that I'm a human but these questions seemed to do otherwise in which case I certainly failed.

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Hi Chelsea,


Thank you for sharing your concern.


As you may already know,  at times we’ll ask freelancers to verify the information on their profile in the mean of a video call with someone from our Trust & Safety team.

This is to verify the identity and the accuracy of a profile and to keep our marketplace safe and secure, not to assess abilities or skills.



Phew. It got me concerned! I just started on this site and didn't want to be banished. I know my abilities! Thank you very much for your reply.

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