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Just invented a BIG BUG

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AHM Mahmudur R Member Since: Jan 14, 2014
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I was searching the reason why visibility of my profile reached 0% suddenly this month and why I was not finding a single job invitation when I got 100+ invitation last month! I think, I found the reaon!


When I created my freelancer account on 2012 I also created agency (design peak) thinking if this agency needs in future. Then I started individually ane still have been working only as an individual Freelancer. I never try a job via my agency. I REPEAT, never even tried via that agency! Never added a withdrawal method there and also never imagine this USELESS AGENCY could be that BIG Issue by effecting my original/individual profile! It was happened because of upwork's new policy (


The bug converted my individual profile into agency every time I search. I said my agency is just a name! So when my client (even I) try to search me on upwork, it shows I am an agency contract only!!!! Just imagine, I never work as an agency!!! All my completed (144) projects and worked hours (650+ hours) every activities are as in individual and funny upwork says, I am an agency and as per their policy "When you work with an individual freelancer, you will have a direct working relationship. You will often have more visibility into the work and more control over the end result."!!!


I tried to delete my so called agency some later but unable to do. I even not able to make any change there!!! 
**edited for Community Guidelines** I am sad, disappointed! Don't understand what to do!










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Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Mahmudur,


If you have created an agency under your account, you are basically the first member of the agency and asociation with it will display on your profile. It is not necessarily a bad thing but if you want to delete your agency, follow this steps:


- Switch to your agency profile by clicking on your name in the right upper corner and selecting it from the drop down menu.


- Go to your Settings and select Company Info on the left.


- You should see the option "Close my company."


If it doesn't work to close it that way, please contact Customer Support.

~ Valeria
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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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You should patent it.