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Just seeing what you guys think APPLICATION IN PROGRESS

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Douglas D Member Since: Dec 11, 2014
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Thank you, Gillian!

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André U Member Since: Dec 5, 2013
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244 applicants and 51 being interviewed?


To speak the truth, it is very unlikely that you will be hired. Smiley Sad


1) The pure madness of ~250 applicants/50 interviews

2) Client may just want to check whether or not his budget is appealing

3) Client may as well post the job on many other websites to compare prices

4) Client may gather potential names of freelancers to wirk with


Especially point 4 is something I have experienced a lot. Many wannabe translation agencies post projects like "we need translators in all language combinations, feel free to apply". They get tons of applicants and build up their database. This is not unusual.


You better keep applying to a variety of jobs. I do know how excited oneself is when a big player comes around or a big contract seems to be that close to be it cool. Don't spam the contact person. Point out in your answer/application that you are the right fit, highly experienced, motivated and that the client would benefit from your skills. Don't show despair by mailing them twice a day. You may of course ask for news every now and then, but don't be too pushy. Smiley Wink


All the best,



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Douglas D Member Since: Dec 11, 2014
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Hey Andre,

Thanks again. You're the man!


The only thing I am thinking is that this is a huge client (with more than 250,000 billed hours) looking to fill three full-time shifts. Of course, I will keep looking, but I won't withdraw my candidacy. If something better comes along, great!


For some, Sunday is a day to relax--for me, I'm putting my nose to the grind, as we say here Smiley Happy


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Dianne M Member Since: Jul 25, 2013
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If that client's team starts with a G, then I would be very careful if I were in your place. You see, that team asks for a FREE 1-2 weeks full-time trial position for which you will only get paid IF they hire you. That's 40-80 hours of work you should be ready to sacrifice because all or most the interviewees will undergo that, and only 1-3 will be hired. 


They are notorious around the forum for pulling off that thing. Unfortunately, no matter how many times you unsubscribe to their invites, it never works. They might be getting some special privilege because they're indeed a large company...but really, unpaid trial work is against site rules. 51 interviewees and only 3 positions means 48 will most likely work 1-2 weeks for free. That's just wrong, but hey, they're clients!


Read around the forums, lots of stuff to learn. Especially the two sticky threads in the freelancers section.


Oh and search for the client's 'team name' here at the forum. Just a head's up, most stuff you'll read about them isn't good. 


All the best!


PS: Great tips André Smiley Happy

PPS: that team has a sister company doing the same thing

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Douglas D Member Since: Dec 11, 2014
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Oops, meant to say over $50,000 in total payment. And they are oDesk payment verified. I hope the sister company you alluded to doesn't start wih a "D"!

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Lillian T Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Douglas welcome to oDesk!
Just to let you know there are two ways to get a job on oDesk. The first way is, clients can see your oDesk Freelancer profile and invite you to their job posting. Or, you can find the job by using search and setting up your job feed. One thing you should note is that when applying to a job found through search, you submit a cover letter to the client. However, if a client invites you to their job you do not have to send a cover letter, but I would always submit one anyways. Make the cover letter specific to that job, not cut and pasted. Be concise with no typos, and answer all questions in the job post. Be sure to close by asking for an interview, such as on Skype. If you don't hear back from them, that's ok. Move on to the next job. 

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Douglas D Member Since: Dec 11, 2014
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Thank you both for your advice!

I will say that the company in question does not begin with a "G". I have a good feel for knowing a scam when I see it Smiley Wink The company does have a very high rating and seems to be well-regarded by people who have worked there long-term. Like I said, I am not putting all my eggs in that basket, but I still am hopeful.


They asked a series of questions in the initial job posting which I feel I answered fully and positively. If I get the job, fantastic; if not, move on. This much I know.


Diligence is key, regardless of the outcome Smiley Happy