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Just venting

I just spent 15 minutes tailoring a proposal for an editing job that had been posted 8 minutes earlier, and voila! I hit Submit and got a message saying the job is no longer available.


There was nothing said in the description about it being a rush hire. It was a rather detailed job description, and I'm absolutely stunned that a decision was made within 25 minutes of posting.


I'm not complaining, just feeling a little frustrated. Now that I've lifted my jaw off the floor, I figured I'd share. 


I mean, I coulda had a V-8!


Hello Bettye,


I'm sorry to hear that. Upwork has a lot of freelancers and a bunch of freelancers might have submitted proposals earlier than you did and got hired immediately. Client may have closed the job post because he/she already hired someone or the client closed the job for some other reason.


Or the job could have been removed because of some violation of the TOS.  Not to worry, just keep keeping on!


Maybe that was it. Hard to imagine that, considering they wanted specific examples of situations, etc., that they could have interviewed and hired someone within 30 minutes. 


Thanks for responding.

Perhaps someone interpreted the request for examples as asking for free work and flagged the job. 


That would really be sad, since requesting an example of how book doctors improve documents is hardly the same as asking for free work.

Sure, they could have hired someone...if they answered "Yes" with no other information to the questions asked, and sent a three-sentence cover letter. LOL.