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LANGUAGE BUG still not fix in over 10 days

Ace Contributor

I am native english ( I was born in England and i reside in Canada )

For over a week now UPWORK still have not fixed the issue when i apply for projects it get the message

You do not meet all the client's preferred qualifications
You may still submit a proposal, but the client will see that the proposal does not meet the following criteria:

    English: Fluent

This is ridiculous! It's been like this for 10 days even though i put in a ticket at upwork.

You can't expect me to explain to every client that i do speak english and please don't tell me to go and refresh my language settings. THAT does not work. I have done it several times

This is preventing me from landing jobs. Fix your website please!!!

Community Guru

You may get a warning on your end but the client doesn't see it. If you have to explain your English skill level after your client read your cover letter and profile overview, you may want to revise your approach.

Jon, you must be new to Upwork. I don't think anybody here expects bug fixes within ten days. Ten months maybe...

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Jon,


I understand that receiving the warning message is frustrating. Our engineers are working on finalizing the fix for this problem and it is scheduled to be implemented with one of the upcoming updates. As Krisztina pointed out, the message only appears on freelancer interface and doesn't affect the way clients see your proposals.


Thank you for your patience.

~ Valeria

Is there a timeline for this fix? I'm seeing this bug too.

@Jon D wrote:

Is there a timeline for this fix? I'm seeing this bug too.



It is like everything else that is broken. When they get to it 😛 



It is my understanding that this causes your proposal to go in the Hidden folder.


Can you confirm that when you see this warning message that your proposal will NOT go in the Hidden folder?




Hi Cheryl


There is a dueling post here on the issue:


In summary, it seems like this flaw is only viewable from our side, and just within the last hour, I have returned to being a native speaker (even though I am from Texas!). I, too, am skeptical regarding the client-side view, but I tend to judge Valeria's feedback posts as reliable most (if not all) the time.


Maybe she will see your post and verify your issue for not being hired is not related to hidden applications because of the language issue. In my field, this has been a very bizarre, slow last two weeks for job postings, and I am just getting calls for applications 3-4 weeks old, so maybe it is just a wierd week?


I too received CS feedback that I should take a language test which had me howling with laughter for many reasons!!Woman LOL


Good luck!! Maybe you will be a native speaker by the end of the day 🙂