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LFT Issue

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Jerome S Member Since: Jul 30, 2014
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Dear oDesk,

I've been waiting for my salary to be withdrawn through my BPI atm for almost a month and 2 weeks now. I've NEVER received any money that I've worked for, since I started. I've waited a long time and now I'm really pissed off. Me and my family is suffering due to this delay. My account is still inactive?! I went to the nearest BPI branch to ask for their help about my problem. I thought that they might need to active my account through their system, but the issue is not on their part. I've even enrolled my Paypal, but yet again, both of them are still inactive.

What is wrong oDesk? There should be atleast an info/memo/notice/update via email or message what's going on. Why are my accounts still inactive?

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Jerome, I am sorry for the confusion and frustration you have experienced about being unable to withdraw your funds. I have responded to your recent ticket with a detailed explanation of what needs to be done for you to withdraw the funds. Please, follow the instructions in the ticket and respond to it. Thank you!
~ Valeria