LFT Withdrawal Fails

For the passed three days I've been trying to withdraw my funds from my odesk account as I normally do using the LFT payment method. All I've been getting is this annoying message,


"We're sorry, withdrawal is temporarily unavailable due to a technical issue.
Please try again later. If the problem persists, please contact customer support


Does anyone know exactly whats going and when the issue will be resolved. I'm currently engaged in a freelance job, and the though that I might not be able to withdraw my funds when I need them is killing! Is anyone else experiencing a similar issue? Does anyone have more information. C'mon Odesk we've got bills to pay!! same as you do.


You did contact Customer Support as directed so we need to know what they said to youo?


Without their input we can't know what is going on.

I did contact support and checked in with them every day since. But all I get is the generic "our engineers are looking into the problem". I have a ticket open on this issue since sunday the 19th April 2015. I'd be happier if they could tell me that the problem has been identified as 'X' and we are doing 'Y' to resolve it and it will take 'Z' days or whatever to fix.


Sometime around before or after the New Year 2015 there were delays with payments addressed in one or more threads here in the Community.

There was something about payments to freelancers in different countries. Some methods worked in some countries and not in others. Sorry, I can't recall exactly what was said, and I haven't found the old threads.

It's best to contact oDesk support directly in any case.

ADDED: I search the Community for: delayed payment

The problems and related threads seem to have started around December 2014 through March 2015. A lot had to do with specific countries, specific banks, and LFT withdraws.

I recall that due to the large number of freelancers affected, support and engineering were so busy working to resolve the problem that answers to freelancers were without any useful, detailed information other than they were working on it.

I also recall that to ensure each freelancer's problems were resolved, the affected freelancers were encouraged to submit a formal support request / ticket to support. It's good that you have already submitted a support request.

Watch the forums for new posts. I suspect that we will be seeing others with the same problems regarding withdrawals.


ADDED: Looks like oDesk has a history of payment problems due to system related issues, and especially how holidays affect banking worldwide:


From 2013: Is the oDesk LFT good to use now? No more delays? http://community.odesk.com/t5/Freelancers/Is-the-oDesk-LFT-good-to-use-now-No-more-delays/m-p/1045/h...


From 2012: http://community.odesk.com/t5/Freelancers/Problem-Delay-in-Local-Fund-Transfer/m-p/21497/highlight/t...

Ron aka LanWanMan
Community Manager
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Hi Martin,


Sorry you have been unable to withdraw your funds. I have checked and it looks like it is an isolated issue. It has been escalated to our engineers and they will make sure it's fixed as soon as possible.


We appreciate your patience.

~ Valeria

Not working for me either - "We're sorry, withdrawal is temporarily unavailable due to a technical issue."

Hi David and Alex,


Thank you for reporting the issue. It has already been escalated to our Engineering team and they will fix it as quickly as possible.


We apologize for the inconvenience.

~ Valeria

Withdrawal suddenly not working for the method I've been using for months. This certainly does not look like an isolated issue, please keep the members updated. In the meanwhile, I will ask my employer to put all payments on hold due to inability to recieve my compensation though your site. Thanks.

Not working for me either.

Looks to be working now, thanks.

I am getting this problem since morning, and the customer support has given me a pretty confusing reply, mixing up the account hold issue with the payment withdrawal failute ( a technical issue as mentioned in the error message). Please tell how how to solve this. I have got a big sum of money blocked. I am completely depedent on this payment.




Hi Fahad,


It sounds like Habib bank is no longer associated with Transfast which was used as your Local Fund Tranfer option. Please, add an alternative payment method to withdraw your funds.


Also, your account being on hold for a review will not affect your ability to withdraw your earnings. However, you ability to apply for new jobs will be limited.

~ Valeria

Hi Valeria, 


Thanks for clearing that acocunt on hold will not affect transactions, one of your support members provided me wrong info before.


Could you please tell me what is Trans Fast? How is HBL gone away in  a day as I was using it for two years. I will add a new payment method, I hope this is not a technical issue, as there was a technical issue yesterday and other people reported not success in withdrawal in PayPal etc, Si i thought it will be a temporay problem ( as the error says too), but I am sad it's permanent. 


Thanks again for the reply.