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Lack of Job posts or SPAM

Ace Contributor

Hello All,


I most often come across job posts where client is new, no upwork history, no payments etc. And the job posted will be very identical to many around and will have the following texts in most of them...VERY IDENTICAL....


"This job was posted from a mobile device, so please pardon any typos or any missing details. "


I had applied for many such jobs and even my other friends who are upworker, but to the surprise there will be no activity on the job by the client and will result in loss of connects. Is Upwork serious on reviewing such job posting. Its gradually increasing and honestly, as a freelancer, its doesnt oozes any confidence anymore to place bid on any project which one is not invited for.


Any comments from other freelancers.


Active Member

Yes this is happening very frequently on the Upwork platform. I had also applied to such job postings but did'nt get any reply from the job moderator. As it costs only our precious connects.


Upwork should take care of such fake/spam job postings. We all freelancer's badly need this !

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Rajiv,

This job was posted from a mobile device, so please pardon any typos or any missing details.
The above text is added to each job posting that clients are posting from their mobiles.

You can always use the filters to filter out your job feed so that you don`t see jobs that are not interesting to you or not within your preference.

~ Goran

Thanks for the reply!!!


So you mean its very similar to sending an email from mobile phone over Outlook which always has a default signature.


And secondly, It doesnt matter if I should filter out those jobs or bid on them. Just wanted to know if they are actually Real jobs or may be spams. I have observed this for last one year and such job posting have never any activity. If such scenario prevails, then it becomes difficult for freelancer to trust on fresh job posting and judge which is best to go ahead with. I hope you can understand freelancers psychology.

Hi Rajiv,

- Yes that is correct.

A lot of jobs posting with no activity are real jobs, but the clients have not found their perfect fit and will not hire anyone on the job posting. 

We always encourage everyone to negotiate with all of their clients so that they can learn everything they need about the project and amazed them with the end results.

~ Goran

They hardly Interact for us to amaze them. I rather get the feeling if they ever log back in after the job posting. Anyway, I will rather be happy with the comments from other freelancers and learn from them.