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Largest suspension laugh of all time

Ace Contributor

92% job success, 5 star rating, 100% recommended, 80% hire rate for jobs I apply to, account suspended.  Oh and I purchased the premium membership. If this is not a sign oDesk is trying to destroy itself I do not know what is.


Good luck to those that remain.

Community Guru
What? Is this true Charles? With all that credit given, and even though you have purchased the premium membership. I guess we all need to take this threat serious as I though before

Hopefully things will get sorted out for you soon. But this is poor, and good luck indeed.
---- easy like Sunday morning ----

Yes it is true, they told me I have 24 hours to withdraw my money, and even though I have 2 open active projects I will no longer be allowed to work. My stats page looks awesome, 92% success, blue bars maxed out all the way down the page, 5 star ratings on all feedback, and premium member.


I also just negotiated 2 repeat projects that were going to do them through oDesk as I have not worked with these clients for the "required" 2 years.


This is such a joke, this company is so unprofessional, and is doomed to bankruptcy within 2 years if they continue down this path.

I'm sorry to hear it. How though, did they give any reason for this? 

Perhaps you recall a couple of weeks ago I mentioned a chat support agent telling me to delete my account.


I reported him for being unprofessional. Their reason for my suspension is that my report for his unprofessionalism was an unprofessional policy violation.....

@Charles C wrote:


I reported him for being unprofessional. Their reason for my suspension is that my report for his unprofessionalism was an unprofessional policy violation.....

What? That doesn't enen make sense. So this is how oDesk is treating its Freelancers. I knew there were big on censorship, but this is a muzzle.


Have you opened a ticket?

---- easy like Sunday morning ----

Only for getting my $10 membership fee refunded. I am no longer interested in supporting this platform after being treated this way.

I understand you feel Charles, but make sure to give this decision much thought. With all the negatives experienced, the platform is still a way to help cover your expenses.

---- easy like Sunday morning ----

There are 100 others just like it, not to mention real world and direct marketing.

Wasn't JS introduced so that we could know our standing?


Wow, just wow...

His standing is fine. It is the lack of oversight at oDesk that is the problem. Too many times it seems the Staff is able to make lasting decisions without any built in review process in the internal system.

---- easy like Sunday morning ----

I understand that  92% is fine. What I was trying to say is that with 92% JS  and 100% recommendation you wouldn't expect things like that to happen.Otherwise I don't see the purpose of having JS of 92% if you can be suspended the same day without warning. 


Atleast you have been given 24 hours to withdraw your money. Just think about those who can't even withdraw their available balance. This is very bad behaviour from oDesk.

If they tried to hold money that belonged to me, they would be in court before the week was out.

This is very poor. That would mean that too much autonomy is being given to low level staff. A decision like this should not have been allowed for a reason like that (malice).
---- easy like Sunday morning ----



I am still working with following and some money in my account:


Financial transactions for Weera Pongpruchya (3426704) have been limited.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Charles,


I am sorry to hear your account has been suspended. However, it looks like you had been warned a couple of times and officially agreed to comply with oDesk Policies before this latest violation that led to your account suspension.

~ Valeria