Last month and this month update washed my carrier on odesk

i am working on odesk from 2010 and its good i did lot of project and always handful of project, as its easy to get project, I applied for 3-4 job and atleast awarded one of them easily, but after last month update and than this upwork update, i not getting a single reply for my lots of apply, while my profile is same. even i decrease my rate and ready to work below than half.
and if you see my profile is good enough to easily get attention of employer, And i applied to my skill related jobs only like wordpress in which i am expert.
Is there any one who is facing same,
Yeah i know it nothing related to update its depends on client how they take application, but its frustrated over 50 days and 50 apply and not getting any reply, while before that its easy to get atleast 1 reply on 3 application

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Arjun,


I would recommend you revise your profile a bit. There are some errors in your profile overview and it is a bit confusing to read. Also, you may improve the way you craft you cover letters and make sure that you address the requirements clients outline in their job postings individually.


Best of luck!

~ Valeria