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Leaving Feedback on Client's Profile for *Unpaid* Jobs

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Shahzad A Member Since: Feb 11, 2012
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Hi there, There are three different clients I have worked with in past. It has been a long time they never paid me and did not respond to messages either sent by me or oDesk. One of these clients is actively posting new projects and working with other freelancers. According to the oDesk policy no help could be provided to guarantee fixed price payments. The only option I am left with is to put an end to such contracts but the problem is that a freelancer cannot leave feedback until at least $1 is not paid against the contract. Ending a contract without getting paid will also result in losing the opportunity to reach folks and tell them about client's unfair dealings. I think it is the time for oDesk to seriously revise the feedback system by collecting and showing public feedback on client's profile when some contract is ended due to the reason "Client failed to pay". Let me know if there are other alternative options. Your suggestions will be highly appreciated.
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Gillian Michele N Member Since: Mar 15, 2012
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You should ask for a percentage of the money upfront. This will give you an opportunity to leave feedback as you mentioned above. Not all clients like the upfront option, but freelancers have to protect themselves somehow. If the client refused to pay a percentage upfront, then you should walk away from the role. You can report the client to oDesk for non- payment, but it won't be available publicly. Which job did you complete for the client?
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Shahzad A Member Since: Feb 11, 2012
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Thanks for this helpful suggestion! I was hired to design a brochure, a site header, and a product label. First task was partially completed then client stopped giving his feedback and verbiage for subsequent pages and other two jobs were fully completed and then delivered. I would definitely like to provide more insight into these jobs but not sure that posting direct links here might be considered a violation of forum rules.
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Sandeep C Member Since: Oct 24, 2013
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U should report to support team about such clients. Probably they can block such clients.
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Shahzad A Member Since: Feb 11, 2012
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[quote]U should report to support team about such clients.[/quote] I have already forwarded the details to oDesk Support. I was told about the client who is actively hiring other freelancers: "we are monitoring still his account for non payment from other freelancers. And so far, no other complains filed yet. Unfortunately, we are unable to take actions against his account as this is a fixed price job and we need more evidence to take actions against him." P.S. It has been around 1.5 years since I got his last response :tired:
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Anna G Member Since: Jun 26, 2014
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1.5 years? I've not hear a response for just a month and I'm going crazy already haha Smiley Very Happy oDesk definitely should do something about this. I think clients take chance of this, I saw clients who have several "active" contracts that started long time ago and I see they haven't paid anything to the hired freelancers. Freelancers probably completed the jobs and they are just waiting, few probably don't want to end the contract cause they don't know what will happen if they do, or they just prefer to wait to see if they get paid one day.. The client, doing this, is saved from bad feedback, since the contract is not ended, and he also gets free work without paying. And looks like an active contract can be kept for loooong time and nothing will happen. As I understood only way to something is done against clients like this, is if many freelancers report them.. but that probably does not happen all the time. Maybe what could solve this is putting an expired date for fixed price contracts, 2 months? 3 months? jobs that requires more time, should be hourly, or clients could just hire again in a new contract if they need more time I don't think this will really affect people who really wants to hire freelancers in good way. When this date expires, the contractor and the client give feedback, which WILL APPEAR on their profile. This way, if the client does this many times, whatever excuse he gives on the feedback to the freelancer (bag quality work, not meeting deadlines, etc), we, all freelancers, will see in his profile, that he has not paid many freelancers and they all say the same about this client: he just disappeared, never answered again and didn't pay either.
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Shahzad A Member Since: Feb 11, 2012
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Thank you for supporting this cause! I am in contact with oDesk to this day to resolve this matter asap (hats off to a great support system).