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Leaving feedback when a job closes with no billed time.

Hello, I have found myself in more than one occasion where a client invited me for a job involving solving some possibly urgent or emergency site / server malfunctioning, with the task to be performed at hourly rates. Since it is my work habit to always perform a preliminary free-of-charge assessment, it happened that in several occasions I was able to troubleshoot the issue in a matter of minutes and fix it on the spot. I then chose not to bill the client any time, and I communicated to the client that the issue had been solved and that I would appreciate just a positive feedback, if anything. However, it appears to me that when no time has been billed, then the public feedback functionality is not available (please correct me if wrong and instruct me on how to leave feedback in such cases). So I would like to see the option to provide feedback (both from client- and from contractor- side) for those jobs that never involved billed time, but that involved performed activity, just because some of us choose to perform certain tasks for free, especially if the tasks take less than an hour of out time (this 1-hour time is my standard for preliminary free-of-charge assessment, anyway). Probably, such situations should involve a mutual agreement between client and contractor (in order to avoid abuse), so eg if no time was billed but both parties agree to leave feedback, then feedback could be allowed in those situations. Any remark is appreciated, thank you Odesk.
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Hi Umberto, Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate the input but we're unlikely to make this change. According to oDesk Policies all the work done has to be paid and in order for any feedback to be left on a contract there has to be a net value of at least $1.
~ Valeria

I have had a few jobs like that. I just ask the client for a small bonus payment (whether an hourly or fixed price job) e.g., $1, $2, etc., and I mention the reason is to allow a mutual exchange of positive feedback and 5.0 ratings. Most of those small payment jobs resulted in rehires months later. That is, before the oDesk "mad robots" took over. My best clients have moved to other freelancer sites because of changes made on the oDesk site.
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