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Legitimate job offer?

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@Valeria K wrote:

Hi Margarete,


I am sorry you felt uncomfortable about the job offer. I would like to point out however, that you are able to discuss terms and rates with the client before accepting or declining the offer and making it to a contract. Sometimes it happens that clients are ready to skip the interview stage and send an offer with funded Escrow to a freelancer, but the freelancer still has an ability to negotiate and ask for different terms.


Also, I am not sure which messages between Upwork and client you are referring to. If you send me details in a private message I will e happy to check that for you.

Valeria, mainly I have rejected because I was not sure if this is a trustable client. Moreover, it looks like something went wrong in the conversation. I could not see the description he refers to and the message system of the client and my message system were mixed. Upwork's information to him that I rejected the offer and that Escrow will be refunded was shown in my account as a message from myself. I have sent a private message to you with a screenshot to explain that. What I realized when I read this message to the client is that Upwork provided my full name in this message -  to a client whose offer I rejected. This is not ok and has to be changed!!! Each suspicious or bogus client can sent an offer to me and when I reject it he is rewarded with my full name.

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Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Margarete,


I understand your concerns about privacy and sharing your full name and decline reason with the client. I have shared your post as well as the screenshot you sent me with the team.


~ Valeria
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Jessica S Member Since: Dec 4, 2015
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I got an offer last week from a guy who didn't even post the job. He just did a search, found me and offered me the job without even a conversation first. It sort of freaked me out, but I talked to him first before accepting and I am well into the project now and he's an awesome client. I understand your fears - just talk first before accepting but yea...when its all on the up and up, this is a great way to get jobs!